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Practical info

Our address

Lot III A 42 Tanjombato
102 Antananarivo

Write us at

B.P. 6279
101 Antananarivo


(261-20) -22-571-93
(261-20) -22-571-94
( 261 ) -033-11-058-00


( 261 ) -033-11-012-10


The Home Clinic Tanjombato service consists of a team ( medical and administrative ) will welcome you in a warm and discreet atmosphere .

Rooms / Green Spaces

All rooms in two different categories , are individual and comfortable. Patients and attendants can relax in the green areas of the clinic.

Medical and nursing care

The permanent presence of resident physicians , more nurses and aides , is the guarantee of optimum monitoring of hospital ( medical or surgical ) .


This service provides meals for patients . A cafeteria is available to visitors.

Rates / billing / payment

The rates charged by the clinic Tanjombato are listed in a comprehensive nomenclature.
Individuals pay an allowance to entry, and complete or are reimbursed to the fund during the invoicing to the exit.
Patients Supported present their certificate at the entrance. The invoice is sent directly to the paying agency .

Visiting Hours

It is possible to visit patients from 13:00 to 18:00 without interruption every day of the week, including weekends.

Medical transport

Patients to move under medical assistance can benefit from our ambulance equipped.

Request for information

A simple e-mail ( "contact us ") we will respond to your requests.
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