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Le bloc opértoire A
Le bloc opértoire A
Entrée principale
Entrée principale
Established in 1997, the complex medical surgical is situated in south suburb, in 15mn of the capital, and extends over a site of a half-hectare. It consists essentially of three spaces:

The "PAVILLON CENTRAL" house including:
  • administrative departments,
  • rooms of external consultations,
  • department of Medical imaging and diverse explorations and,
  • the room of Physiotherapy.

The "PAVILLON LES LAURIERS" house including:
  • the departments of medicine for child and adult,
  • the department of general and specialized Surgeries,
  • the rooms of hospitalization

The "PAVILLON LA RENAISSANCE" house including the departments of geriatrics and comment-cure.

  • 1000 m² of green spaces,
  • a cafeteria,
  • a guarded parking lot.
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