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Psycho therapy

The purpose of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy aims to alleviate or even eliminate symptoms (sleep disorders, anxiety attacks, stress ...) over a relatively short period of time. It is more focused on "how" and solutions, rather than on "why" and causes (such as psychoanalysis).

Thus, by definition, supportive psychotherapies are not aimed at achieving profound psychological rearrangements. It is rather :

1. Help to overcome your problems and support you in the difficulties you encounter.

2. Help to overcome any type of disorder, be it psychological, behavioral or social

3. A more efficient and simpler implementation of your defenses.

4. The greatest possible improvement in symptoms.

The role of the psychotherapist is, first of all, to understand you and to detect the source of your troubles whether it is anchored in your past or related to more recent events, an anguishing professional situation, a traumatic event, problems Relationships with others or difficulties communicating and flourishing.

Achieving these goals requires establishing a positive relationship between the patient and the therapist.

The psychotherapeutic methods used:


Created in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, Spanish neuropsychiatrist, the term SOPHROLOGY, inspired by ancient Greek, means "study of the harmonization of consciousness". This method is inspired by hypnosis, Yoga and Zen and has been developed in hospitals.

This set of Western and Oriental techniques can be used as a prophylactic, therapeutic or lived as a philosophy of life. It allows to acquire a better knowledge of the self and to face the challenges of the daily life with serenity.

Sophrology is accessible to all and is structured in three stages composed of exercises:

The first degree improves the concentration and perception of his body;
The second degree strengthens the image and self-esteem;
The third degree initiates meditation.


The combination of all these techniques in one method makes sophrology complete and effective.


Ericksonian Systemic Coaching


Coaching is a personalized coaching that aims to improve the skills and performance of a subject, group or organization.

To maximize the potential of the subject, Ericksonian coaching has in common with Ericksonian hypnosis its main principles

1. Every person is perfect as he is;

2. The person has all the necessary resources in it to achieve its objectives;

3. The person makes the best choice for them in all circumstances;

4. Each behavior has a positive intention;

5. Change is inevitable.


Other methods:

· Relaxation (progressive relaxation of Dr. Jacobson, method of Dr. Vittoz, autogenous training of Schultz)

· Positive thinking

"The important thing is not what happens to us, but what we do with it. "


Vero H. Ranaivoharisoa

Support Psychotherapy


Sophrologist - Relaxologist

Coach Systémique Ericksonien solutions oriented

Member of the Syndicale de la Sophrologie (France)

                                                                       ACTP Certified Coach, Erickson College International  (Canada)
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